Faust parodies political issues

Buckets of gelatin and radioactive dogs might bring big laughs to the audience, but behind the laughter and madness, there is a deep underlying message about the state of our country.

Tallahassee theater troupe, Mickee Faust, brings to the community and students what is described as an “explosive cabaret” called “Apocalypse Faust.” The production is a collection of parody skits that are geared toward current events in the United States and around the world.

“There are a lot of pieces about the financial crisis and the BP oil spill and basically all the struggles that are going on right now,” said Mickee Faust board of director member Danielle Holbrook. Tagged as outrageous but abundantly informative, “Apocalypse Faust” is approximately an hour and a half long with eight skits that each run between five to eight minutes. Holbrook, who directed a few scenes, described her skit as a parody of The Wizard of Oz.

“I get to play a bald little girl whose little sister was a bucket of toxic mess because of all the chemicals that have been dumped on the ground,” Holbrook said.

Skipping around the stage with a bucket of “little sister,” might sound grotesque, but the shock value is amplified to get the point across that toxic waste is getting out of control.

“I think one of Faust’s strengths is that it speaks to our audience,” said fellow Mickee Faust director Isabelle Potts. “I really enjoyed the ‘Come to the Gulf Coast’ skit.”

Potts explained “Come to the Gulf Coast” is a parody about Florida trying to get visitors to the Gulf Coast, only to have them doused with oil upon arrival.

“It’s very interactive, so those who sit two rows away from the stage might get hit with water or Jell-O,” Holbrook said. “But, while you’re laughing, we hope to make you think a little. It’s funny but it’s also hard-hitting and real.”

Troupe creator Terry Galloway said Faust is supposed to be Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse’s illegitimate brother. While Mickey gained control of Disney, Mickee was stuck in the Tallahassee sewers and the rest is history.

Galloway, a deaf performance artist and author, created Mickee Faust with a Florida State University professor. As crude and in-your-face as her humor might be, it’s necessary edge is one to reckon with. But be warned, it’s not for kids.

For more information including ticket purchase and show times, visit www.mickeefaust.com.