Battle for salary increase is over

The check is in the mail. Florida A&M’s chapter of United Faculty of Florida has reached an agreement with administration regarding a salary increase for faculty members, as well as the right to first refusal regarding the teaching of overload classes.

Elizabeth Davenport, UFF FAMU president, sent out a memo to faculty members stating that the $1,000 salary increase would be added retroactively to their November 5 paychecks. The pay increase will be applied as of July 1.

“The administration and UFF-FAMU agree that faculty should have the option of teaching courses now being taught by adjuncts,” said Davenport in a previous memo.

Previously, the administration offered the $1,000 pay increase to employees not under the United Faculty of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement, which excluded the  majority of professors and Department of Public Safety officers. Under this offer, the only people applicable for the raise were clerical, janitorial, administrative and professional (technical) employees. Faculty members, Davenport in particular, viewed this gesture as an insult, and insisted that another offer be made.

“UFF-FAMU thanks President Ammons and the BOT for their willingness to work with us and provide a salary increase in tough economic times,” said Davenport.

“Although the university is still faced with challenging economic conditions, finding a means of rewarding employees to the fullest extent possible within budgetary limitations has been paramount to FAMU and its Board of Trustees,” said President James Ammons.