Sylvester determined for success


Philip Sylvester is a 22-year-old civil engineering student and running back from Marianna, Fla.

He has been involved in football for 13 years. In his hometown of Marianna, he attended Marianna High School and he played junior varsity football under the direction of coach Travis Ephraim.  He later played varsity football for two seasons under the direction of coach Don Dowling.

One of his major accomplishments from high school was finishing second in the state 100-meter final next to Jeffrey Demps, the current Florida Gator running back.

Sylvester has set the bar high for FAMU’s future running backs rushing for 192-yards and two touchdowns in FAMU’s last game against Morgan state, leading the Rattlers to a 31-17 victory. He is also the fourth leading rusher in the history of Rattler football.

Sylvester said his motivation comes from trying to be the best that he possibly can.  “I use the gifts and talents that god gave me,” he said.

His drive and determination makes him push it to the maximum when he performs on the field.  Sylvester has a great feel for the game and running back coach Aaron Taylor said he puts a tremendous amount of work in during practice.

“Sylvester has great work ethic, he knows how to take the board to the field. He has great football IQ,” he said.

Despite Sylvester’s mild manner attitude, he is a leader amongst his team. He is the team captain and the president of the FAMU Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Demarius Folsom, linebacker and teammate of Sylvester said he enjoys having a running back that works hard to keep as much pressure off the defense as possible.

“Having a running back as hardworking and dedicated to the team as Sylvester gives defense the motivation to get out on the field and try hard to make up where offense falls short,” Folsom said.

As a youth, Sylvester became interested in the game of football by following in the footsteps of his brother Danny Sylvester who is three years older than him.

When he is not on the football field showcasing his talent, Sylvester enjoys the company of his friends that keep him grounded and serve as an outlet for his frustrations on the field.