Educational doc a super informative

A few elderly women sitting behind me snickered as my head hit the back of my theater chair from dozing off in the well received documentary “Waiting for Superman.”

“Matt, wake up!” My friend Jaylen shouted at me in a whisper as he dug his elbow into my side.

Do not get me wrong, this movie is a must-see for everyone, but just like a little kid listening to a sermon in church, the message might be missed due to having a sleepy head from boredom. I’m that little kid.

However, in church, there are always a few who are very attentive and enjoy what the speaker is saying, so much that they may try their best to keep others focused on what is being said. Jaylen was that person, so when I asked him about the rundown for the movie, he explained.

“Waiting for Superman is a documentary of wonderfully enlightening proportions that examines and explores the failures of the nation’s school system,” Jaylen said. “A hit with critics and moviegoers alike (excluding my good friend Matthew, who ironically wants to become a teacher himself), it follows the lives of several dissimilar families all plagued by the challenges caused by public education.”

This movie sounds great and it is very informative, but by the time “Waiting for Superman” was 20 minutes in, I could not wait any longer for a soda to try and wake myself up. This is a big deal because no college student should pay $4.75 for a small drink.

I think I’m spoiled from the constant action and drama that movies are crammed with, and perhaps I missed the fresh air that “Waiting for Superman” gives to viewers.

However, Jay took a deep breath of that air and went on to further explain the premise of the movie.

“Did you know the United States frequently ranks lower in education when compared to other countries? Or that our former president believes the past tense of the word “children” has an “s” on the end of it,” my friend said.

“Yes, the veil of secrecy is undeniably lifted as lackluster teachers are brought to the forefront along with uneducated parents, the difficulties of standardized tests and schools that have been labeled ‘academic wormholes’ All in all, ‘Waiting for Superman’ is nothing short of persuasive, passionate and ultimately very educational.”

I’m sure it is. The parts of the movie I did catch was interesting and I would recommend it to everyone because education determines our country’s future, but before you go, get some rest.