Students find restrictions placed on their solicitation


While most students are enjoying the many festivities of the Florida A&M 2010 Homecoming week, all students entertaining on or off campus events must get their event approved in advanced.  Most on campus student activities take place in the afternoon when students are just leaving class.


The point of these activities for some students is to raise money for some sort of organization on campus.  The other point behind these activities is for an organization to network around the campus. The students have to go through a process for every activity that they want to entertain in a timely manner.  


In addition, most students are so busy with classes and their organizational vows that getting something approved might slip their mind. There has been an increased amount of complaints due to the fact that most students want to know why must they get approval every single time, especially if the person is known very well.  


Recently, there was a reminder message sent to the student organizations by the Dean of Student Affairs Henry L. Kirby.  


“It has always been required for student to get approval for the event that represents FAMU on or off the campus,” said Kirby. “This message was just a reminder to the on and off campus student organizations.


 “The message was not sent to disapprove any of the student organization on the events that were being introduced and no on or off campus student activities have been denied.  From time to time students have been conducting activities on and off campus that we were not aware of.  There must be preparation for a legitimate purpose with an organization, and must be approved by the committee before you take any money.”  


The main reason why there was a reminder message sent to the student organizations, is because events might generate a large population and something bad could possibly happen.  Furthermore, the message was more like a safety precautionary note for student organizations especially for homecoming week.  


The reminder stated that you must be properly dressed while the event is taking place regardless if you are on or off campus. 


“Appropriately dressed means that clothing that you can identify the person with,” said Kirby. “If it is an Greek organization then they need to wear their colors, if you have shirts to represent your school organization then you need to wear them.”


Most of the opinions by the students are positive comments, the only problem that they seem to have is getting it approved on time.   


“I feel like its ok to a certain extent, but the process shouldn’t hold people up from doing something positive for the school,” said Errol Mitchell, a third-year political science student from Jacksonville.


“I think there should be a quicker process to get it approved.  At times the process becomes frustrating because of the time that it takes to get something approved, it can discourage a student.”