All Saints provides niche in local college community

Alongside the bustle of traffic on Railroad Avenue sits All Saints café – a 24-hour coffee shop with a twist.

Its casual, eclectic style, fresh roasted coffee and vegan menu mark its niche in the Tallahassee community. The shop has been in business for about six years, and is a popular place to visit among college students and professionals.

A variety of artwork covers the walls of the café; its menu, etched colorfully on a chalkboard and unique furnishings and accessories capture the atmosphere of All Saints.

Cleo Temple, 23, a senior statistics student at Florida State University, frequents the café 2-3 times per week. To her, it is a stylish getaway.

“What I like is it’s cozy – not industrial,” Temple said. “I like the mis-matched furniture that gives it an eclectic feel.”

At any given time of day, patrons can be spotted sharing laughs, poring over a good book or discussing upcoming projects around the worn wooden tables. The shop’s owner, Daniel Kavanagh, describes it as a third space.

“People come here and talk about their schoolwork, their music and their business plans,” Kavanagh said. “The best part about it is you can come here, meet new people and share good ideas.”

Its revolving hours fit the student lifestyle, accommodating last minute papers and providing a quiet study environment or just a friendly social environment.

Arnold Francisco, 21, a junior religion student at FSU and All Saints barista said the coffee shop relies on students for support and caters to them.

“Being open 24 hours helps a lot of students during exams when libraries are really backed up,” Francisco said. “Plus there are no restrictions here.”

Trying new things is a big part of the All Saints experience, with a variety of coffees, specialty espresso blends, teas, vegan burritos and locally made ice cream choices.

All Saints also considers itself a fast-food joint, with all of its menu choices available to go. It provides a healthy alternative for late night snacking. Kavanagh, a vegan for over 18 years, said the vegan food they offer is a rarity in Tallahassee and is not difficult to branch out and try.

The fact that it is independently owned is important to some patrons. Rob Johnson, 36, a Blueprint Brewing Company employee from Clearwater, visited the café with a friend while visiting town for business.

“I prefer to go to an independently-owned shop rather than a Starbucks,” Johnson said. “We are an independently-owned brewing company ourselves and, by nature, we prefer to support the local guy.”

All Saints’ plans to keep a no restrictions policy that encompasses the cool factor most recognize upon entering.