Live blog: Rattlers face Bears for homecoming

Due to a technical glitch, this live blog was swiped clean and the previous posts were deleted. Stay tuned for updates from the second half.


The Bears just put three points on the board with a field goal.

(17-10 Rattlers, 11:50 3rd)


Trevor Scott just missed a 50-yard field goal attempt for the Rattlers. The Bears will take the ball at the 32-yard line.

(17-10 Rattlers, 7:30 3rd)


The third quarter has come to a close. The Rattlers are up by a touchdown, but there’s still one more quarter of action. A win would extend the Rattlers’ win-streak to three games.

(17-10 Rattlers, end of 3rd)


The Bears just picked up a first down with a fake punt. TJ Lawrence brought the ball carrier down and prevented a touchdown.

(17-10 Rattlers, 14:00 4th)


The game is tied up now. The Bears scored a touchdown to open the fourth quarter.

(17-17, 13:04 4th)


Jerral Stewart just picked off a pass and took it to the house! The Rattlers have taken the lead.

(24-17 Rattlers, 7:17 4th)


The Rattlers are really trying to pull away now. Philip Sylvester just scored his second touchdown of the game.

(31-17 Rattlers, 3:04 4th)


That’s the ball game folks. The Rattlers are now 5-3 overall and 4-1 in the MEAC.

(31-17 Rattlers, FINAL)