Kirby pushes for promotion


Henry L. Kirby, who is one of the final three candidates and current dean of students, met with students on Wednesday in the Foster Tanner Choir room. Kirby answered questions from students on a wide range of issues that the vice president of student affairs would deal with. 

 The selection of the next vice president is important because the position is the direct line of communication between students and administration.

 “I wanted to be a part of this process because it is so important to our student body,” said Trenton Kirksey, a third-year music education student and SGA chief of staff.

 Kirby expressed the importance of working together with students.

 “We’re going to do it as a team and you’re going to be involved,” Kirby said.

 With a record number for enrollment and budget cuts, students wanted to know how their needs would be met.

 Kirby said some difficult decisions will be made, but they will get through them.

 “I will not make decisions without the people who need to be involved,” Kirby said.

 Another topic discussed was the 20/20 plan, which deals with enhancing process and procedure, student environment, customer service and several other areas.

 Kirby said that being here at the university for so many years has made him a better candidate because he was familiar with the problems. 

 Some students at the university agree that Kirby’s time here at the university has made him fit for the position.

 “He has the rapport with the faculty, staff and students of this university to be able to make the changes necessary and changes that will be accepted,” Kirksey said.

 Kirby also talked about the importance of recruiting, and reaching out to not only African-Americans, but also other races. 

 He said students want someone in this position to be able to listen. 

 “It’s important that the vice president of student affairs has an open mind and open ear to the students,” Kirksey said.

 Some students who know Kirby talked about his ability to deal with and inspire people.

 Kirby said part of his vision is to adhere to the core values of the university.