Ammons accepts bonus


Florida A&M President James Ammons has backtracked on his decision to accept his more than $80,000 bonus. In a memorandum released to a select number of administrators and trustees, Ammons said he chose to accept the money for tax reasons. 

 He will start receiving the bonus on Dec. 17. He also requested that the $1,000 salary increase given to clerical, administrative, professional and janitorial staff starting Nov. 5 not be extended to him. 

 Ammons’ contract allows for him to receive a bonus equal to 25-35 percent of his annual salary.

 “When Dr. Ammons deferred payment in September, I took it as a hollow gesture,” said Elizabeth Davenport, president of United Faculty of Florida. “Right now we are hiring more administrators than faculty. President Ammons failed to realize he must equally distribute the wealth.”

 “I feel it is imperative to show appreciation to the faculty and staff through monetary incentives, among other things,” said Gallop Franklin, SGA president and university trustee. “In my opinion, he is well deserving of the raise.”

 Franklin also said the board is  looking into renegotiating Ammons’ contract.

 Ammons is expected to make an official announcement at the December board meeting.