Have fun but do not forget what is important

Homecoming is an exciting time on campus. It’s often the first time Tallahassee actually resembles autumn. By this point you’ve had mid-term exams and you can recognize that you will either have to step your game up or withdraw from those challenging classes.  Homecoming is also magical because you finally get to see the true smiling faces that reside in financial aid. (At this point if you haven’t received your net check it’s time to look in the mirror for the culprit).

One of the best opportunities afforded to students during homecoming is the time to network with returning alumni. Our “future selves” can testify that while your best memories may come from the Hill, it’s important to start planning ahead for where you want to be after graduation.

Planning. Time Management. These are skills that many honed in high school. However, there are still a fair number of people who learn these life skills in college. College is also the time to make those mistakes of relatively little consequence, which we eventually learn to recover from and dream big dreams.

Friday, the university will be honoring some of our most successful young alumni. No doubt they are products of quality education they received at FAMU, but if you look more closely their success was because of that intangible drive and will to get themselves where they are today. 

As students we have ample time to make our dreams a reality.

In order to accomplish the academic and career goals we’ve set for ourselves, we must take advantage of all FAMU has to offer. This means making connections with classmates and especially professors, using constructive self-criticism and improving upon your weaknesses.

During your four, five or six years at FAMU, make your undergraduate experience count, as most alumni will probably tell you.