SGA embraces student diversity


The Department of Diversity is the newest edition to the executive branch of the Student Government Association.


The idea for the branch was created in hopes to help students understand each other better and give every student a voice.


“The long term goals of the department are to make the campus, the students, the administration and the Florida A&M community aware of the issues facing every student on the campus,” said SGA President Gallop Franklin. 


Franklin said he hopes the department would address the needs of students who might be underrepresented in many different facets at FAMU.


There are other departments in the executive branch but none are quite like this; this is a board geared toward helping minorities open up and get their views and questions out.


“We are suppose to be a family,” said director of the Department of


Diversity Hannah J Brooks, a graduate political science student from Chicago states another reason for the new department is to help deal with stereotypes toward minorities on campus and unite the campus.



“I recognize that we are not all the same,” said Brooks. 


Brooks said he feels that it’s time for students to embrace different cultures and ethnic backgrounds that so many students bring to the university.


“The demographics of the campus are constantly changing and it’s important that we create departments that service everyone,” said Breyon Love, SGA vice president.


The department plans to hold various forums and panel discussions this semester and next semester. The panel discussions will be open to all students to come out and be heard. There will also be a suggestion box located in the student union for students to leave their opinion on the forums.


The first event was held on Sept. 27, 2010, in Lee Hall Auditorium, titled “Truth or Dare.”


This was the first of many platforms for students to get their voices

out. The event was designed to create an environment for students who would usually feel uncomfortable with asking questions to come out and speak.


The next event, a cultural fest, is planned to take place on Nov. 3.


“I hope this board is successful in servicing the diversity on campus.” said Love.


Student can stop by the office of student activities for more information on the department and upcoming events.