FAMU alumnus and CBS News senior producer receives Emmy award

Florida A&M School of Journalism & Graphic Communication alumnus and CBS News senior producer Kim Godwin won the 2010 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast.”

Her winning series “Financial Family Tree”, which Godwin says means, “we’re all related or connected by money,” provides viewers with a thorough look at the immediate and long term wave effect of the recession. She said the inspiration for writing this series came after thinking about a unique way to show how the recession affects more people than is realized.

“When one person loses a job, that can affect ten others,” said Godwin.

She regards FAMU’s SJGC as one of the best schools in the nation. She said it allowed her the advantage of solid, thorough writing and strong journalistic principles.

“I am not intimidated by anyone else’s credentials. I am confident in my own,” said Godwin.

James Hawkins, dean of FAMU’s SJGC had nothing but great things to say about Godwin. He said he and SJCG are so proud of Godwin’s achievements throughout her career and the awesome award she has received.

“This Emmy serves as another signal of contribution she is making to journalism,” said Hawkins.

Working with a team of correspondents and producers from CBS domestic and foreign bureaus, Godwin and her team began their report on a Tampa boat dealer who had been hit hard by the recession. With the production of seven reports, Godwin and her team were able to show viewers how thousands of people across the United States and in China were negatively affected by the recession.

Godwin said the production of this series took about a month worth of research and three additional months to complete.

She and her team interviewed people on their finances, which Godwin said was difficult because “a lot of people don’t want you to know what’s in their checkbook.”

When at a dead end, Godwin and her team would simply ask a question that would lead them in a new direction.

One thing that was important to Godwin and her team is that she made sure to include people from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Godwin’s advice for SGJC students striving to become successful is practicing good writing and grammar. She said writing is the foundation of a career in broadcast and print journalism and there is no way around it. She stressed the importance of being an avid reader.

“Know a little about a lot,” said Godwin.

Lastly, she suggested working on verbal presentation skills and being able to verbalize your thoughts in a clear, concise and energetic way.