Troubled water for Leon and Wakulla counties


Leon and Wakulla counties face struggles with their drinking water, due to the pollution of onsite water waste and disposal system.

The Leon County Commission held a meeting earlier this month to discuss several issues and general business.  However, one issue on the agenda that many residents had a problem with was issue No. 19, which discussed the Acceptance of the Septic System Loan and inspection programs planning committee recommendations final report.

 According to the agenda for the commissioners meeting on the Leon County website, On June 9, 2009, the board of county commissioners adopted Resolution No. 09-18, which created the Septic System Loan and Inspection Programs Planning Committee, for the purpose of providing feedback to staff regarding programs being considered by the board.

 According to the agenda for the commissioners meeting on Leon County website, Leon and Wakulla counties rely on Florida’s aquifer for safe drinking water.  However a large amount of pollutants, such as nitrogen, have caused problems to the drinking water.  Another one of the many sources for the water pollution is onsite water waste and disposal system (OSTDS).  With this pollution being put in county’s drinking water, many residents are upset that this issue is not being handled any faster.

 One of Florida A&M’s environmental officials had a very positive outlook on tap water.

 “I was raised just to boil your water and bottled water is too expensive,” said FAMU official Bari Shepard. “By me living in foreign countries the first thing they teach you is to boil your water for drinking and cooking.”

 “Even if you do buy bottled water for traveling purposes, you’re still taking in the plastic particles from the bottle.” said Shepard.

 Kola Walker, a Tallahassee resident spoke on the issue.                          

  “I personally choose to buy bottled water, and a filter to put on my water facet, because I don’t trust tap water not one bit,” said Walker. “Even though I’ve heard people say that tap water is good for you, I choose to stay clear of polluted water.”

 Denequa Russell a fourth-year accounting student, also drinks bottled water.

 “Every time I go grocery shopping I have to get a case of bottled water, I just can’t trust tapwater,” said Russell.