FAMU PD increases security in preparation for upcoming events


The Florida A&M Department of Public Safety would like students to be safe during, FAMU’s Homecoming and the Halloween holiday.

 FAMU police department is working in a joint effort with other law enforcement agencies.

 “FAMU police is the primary security for homecoming this week,” said Lt. Norman Rollins, patrol commander of the FAMU police department. “Tallahassee Police Department, and Barkley security are a few of the different law enforcement department that will help assist us.”

 There will be between 40, 000 to 50,000 visitors coming in Tallahassee for FAMU’s homecoming, according to Rollins.

 “Students must ask them selves a question: am I safe,” Rollins said. ” Don’t let an incident take you away from your primary goal, which is graduation.”

 Students can expect to see extra lighting around the events on campus.

 “Be cautious with large crowds and let someone know where you are at all times,” said Rollins.

 FAMU police department will have control check points at undisclosed locations through out the campus and parts of the community.

 “We ask students to have their Rattler card on them at all times while they are participating in the events on campus,” Rollins said. “For others like, visitors or alumni, we ask them to have their dirver’s license.

 FAMU police officers and other coordinating law enforcement will be assigned certain zones to patrol, according to Rollins.

“Their will more than police officers visible for the public to notice,” Rollins said. “Officers will be patrolling in in two’s or more depending on the locations.”      

Even Florida State University students are taking extra precautions during homecoming week.

Daria Jackson, 19, first year psychology student from Miami, is taking steps to be safe at FAMU’s homecoming.       

“My girlfriends and I will be traveling together while we go out to ensure our safety. We will be sure to travel around areas that are well lit,” Jackson said.