Senator Nelson visits FAMU and speaks politics


Sen. Bill Nelson visited the Black Archives Museum on Wednesday. He came to talk to a select group that was a mix of students, faculty and citizens.  The setting was intimate and the group consisted of about 30 people.

Dressed casually, Nelson spoke at length about his relationship with the president and vice president of the United States.

“I was friends with Barack and Joe in the Senate before they were in White House” said Nelson.

He also talked about how the President and Vice President’s messages have been misconstrued by Republicans. He also talked about how he had been campaigning for Kendrick Meek and Alex Sink, who are also running for office.

Nelson was very adamant about improving education and producing renewable fuel sources.

“Until the mid 1980’s there was no US Department of Education, we left that up to state and local governments” said Nelson.

After he spoke he gave a brief question and answer session before proceeding to the local news station.

Nelson talked about the stimulus bill during the session.

“We should have put more money into the building of roads and bridges and we need to get money into people’s pockets so that they have money to spend,” Nelson said.

He also answered questions about renewable energy and education.

“I thought Sen. Nelson’s presentation was genuine and intimate”, said  Kennard Speed 24, an educational leadership graduate student from Miami.

“I like the fact that he tried to connect with the audience and didn’t talk down to us,” Tanisha Matthews, 25, history graduate student from Miramar.

“It should have been publicized more” said Rudi McFarland, 19, a second-year criminal justice and psychology student from Ft. Lauderdale.

He felt as if the event was well attended but it could have been better.

Nelson heads back to the campaign trail and will be working to help get his democratic comrades elected or re-elected.