Intramural football teams head to Gainesville for national title

When the Florida A&M university women’s flag football team steps on the field, all eyes will be on them. Friday, at the swamp bowl, the team will be going after its fifth national title.

The women’s team, known as Simply Marvelous, has won game after game and proven that it takes more than talent to win national titles.

“Commitment and the ability to learn will help us out,” Ashley Livingston said. Livingston is the team’s starting center and she also plays outside linebacker.

The team has competed in the Men’s League of Tallahassee the last two seasons and boasts a record of 8-6 in that span. There have been intense practices this season to ensure they return to Tallahassee with nothing less than a title.

“Playing against the men is hard enough, but winning sets us apart from any other women’s team,” head coach Marvin Green said.

Coach Green has put his team in a mind frame where winning is the only option, despite teams giving their all to steal a win.

” The girls know the target is on their back,” Tony Brewington said.

Brewington, the intramural coordinator, added that the players on Simply Marvelous play better when teams are out to dethrone them.

Led by April Roberts and Livingston, the women already have three runner-up titles to go along with the four national titles.

“We want to continue to win and win big,” assistant coach Jimmy Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon’s focus is on defense, and he said his team will play defense well enough to shut down the best opposing offense.

Teams from all over the state of Florida will be at the Swamp Bowl, and while many will be there simply for the experience, Simply Marvelous is there to prove they can’t be stopped.

“We know we are the best but we can’t be cocky,” Brewington said. 

Simply Marvelous will have company on its voyage to another national title. Sponsored by the intramural league of FAMU, Da Real Deal will attempt to get its first title. 

Led by Victoriano Arboleda, the team won FAMU’s intramural championship and will not stop until they get more.