Green cleaning reduces environmental footprint

While Florida A&M’s campus has become more environmentally conscious of how its actions affect the environment, cleaning their apartment or dorm room could have a detrimental effect on the environment and their health if they use the wrong products. The level of indoor air pollutants can be dangerous if inhaled or absorbed through the skin when cleaning with strong chemicals. 

The only thing I really use is bleach,” Erika Martin, 19, mechanical engineering student from Rockledge, Fla. said.

Martin admitted, however, that using an eco-friendly product could do the same job and would be better for herself and the environment.

For college students at FAMU being eco- friendly is an important issue. FAMU has a Green Coalition and participates in many eco- friendly events. FAMU even has designated recycling receptacles for students to dispose of recyclable materials has plastic bottles and used paper. 

FAMU is progressing towards a more eco- friendly methods of living. Going green seems to be the new fad. Although, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon with recycling. Companies of cleaning products have decided to make eco- friendly products to help serve their environmentally conscious consumers.

“People don’t know how what they buy is affecting their health,” said Reenie Rodgers, owner of Maureen Rogers Green Cleaning in Tallahassee. “Some studies have shown that many ingredients in our popular conventional cleaners may cause psychological abnormalities. The U.S. currently has no law that says they have to list all the ingredients in their products.”

With the right tools and supplies students can join in the fight to save the earth from pollution. One method that has become very popular and commercialized over time is green cleaning also known as earth friendly cleaning products.

Although, there are plenty of products you can buy at your local grocery store there may be an easier and less expensive alternative to consider. Students can try the “Do it yourself” method with common household items and simple ingredients from the local grocery store or food co-op.

“I know some companies like Lysol have specific products that are alternatives for green cleaning,” Sasha Williams, 19 engineering student from Norfolk, Va., said. “I would use them in biology class in high school. Our teacher was really serious about going green.”

Eco- friendly products in the local grocery store include Lysol, Naturally Yours, Seventh Generation,

Bon Ami, Earth Friendly, Bio Shield just to name a few.

Some green cleaning supplies or ingredients can be found in your local grocery store or health food store.

Students will need baking soda, white distilled vinegar made from grains, pure essential oils, liquid castile soap, olive oil, and a pumice stone.

 “It sounds like it would be fun,” said Williams. “Going out and buying supplies would be cheaper in the long run instead of buying different products to clean this and another to clean that.”