Intramural football crowns its champ

Da Real Deal defeated Pick 6, 34-13, in the intramural championship game Thursday.

The overall success of the flag tournament turned out perfect.

According to intramural coordinator Tony Brewington, the players stayed healthy this season and avoided injuries.

“There were no injuries, if its not safe its not fun. We prevented a lot of injuries,” Brewington said.

Every team had an opportunity and for the last time playing on the intramural field everyone received a fair chance.

Da Real Deal and Pick 6 were two of the best teams competing for the championship title. Unfortunately for other teams, only one team could wear the crown of the champion.

Da Real Deal claimed the title as Champions, and the players had their eyes on the championship since the beginning of the season.

“We were here to win a championship and no one was going to stop us,” Victoriano Arboleda said.

Arboleda was a consistent contributor to his team throughout intramural league play. 

Arboleda and his team will continue their journey, as the winning team was awarded more than just a trophy.

Sponsored by the campus recreational center, the winning team from the men’s league will travel to Gainesville to compete in the University of Florida’s Swamp Bowl for a national championship.  

It’s going to be a different level, there will be competition coming from all over the state of Florida,” Brewington said.

Along with the men’s team, the ladies of Simply Marvelous will join them in Gainesville.

Simply Marvelous is FAMU’s female flag football team. They play in Tallahassee’s men’s league with a 4 – 0 record.

In order to bring the title back to FAMU, Simply Marvelous must keep its hunger.

Brewington said Simply Marvelous has to be prepared for a highly competitive seson.

“They have to know that teams are out there to beat them,” Brewington said.

 The MVP players of the week went to offensive player Josh Pope, of Pick 6, and defensive player, Orlando St. Phard of Da Real Deal.

The league’s MVP award, known as the Brown-Douglas Award, goes to Marcus St. Phard, defensive player of Da Real Deal.

The Brown-Douglas Award was named after two men that competed in intramural leagues in the late 80s early 90s that set the tone for being remarkable players.

“It was great to see and have support from the fans,” said Jimmy Witherspoon.