Delta Kappa Epsilon fouls up again

The Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity has come under fire again. This week, the Yale University chapter of DKE was asked to suspend all pledge activities after having pledges chant obscenities against women on campus. According to the Associated Press,

The chants included phrases such as “No means yes, yes means anal” and “My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I f— dead women,”which particularly provoked the Yale Women’s Center. Although the chapter has apologized, the campus community is still criticizing the fraternity because this is the second time DKE has been under the national radar for sexual hate crimes this semester.

On Oct. 4 the University of Minnesota’s chapter of DKE was banned from homecoming and all other Greek-related events for four years after three assaults of sexual misconduct took place at various frat houses.

As a result, the University of Minnesota’s Interfraternity Council banned alcohol at all, yes all, fraternity parties.

Martin Chorzempa, president of the council told the associated press that bold action had to be taken.

“We’re not going to sit back and let things happen,” said Chorzempa.

The vote to do so was unanimous among the fraternities in the council.

With football season in full swing and Florida A&M and Florida State’s homecoming ahead of us, let this be a message to all patrons. Whether you have family and friends coming into town or not, events like homecoming are a matter of common sense and safety.

What do our homecoming, and the DKE incidents at Yale and Minnesota have in common?

The glorification of sex, alcohol and the victimization of women.

In the coming weeks, throughout campus and on Facebook there will be an abundance of promotions for misogynistic fraternity parties in the spirit of homecoming.

Although no one here is to blame yet, students and visitors alike should act responsibly at all times. That means maintaining a safe, sober level of awareness.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, sexual assault is the most underreported crime on college campuses with mostly cases of women being assaulted by an acquaintance.

Women should be offended by these incidents. This year if you feel you are in danger or being disrespected by anyone, be proactive and do not let these actions continue on our campuses.