Alexis Brown provides consistency, inspires tennis team

Junior Alexis Brown’s winning attitude and fierce play has enabled her to be a force on the tennis court for the Florida A&M women’s tennis team in her hopes to become one of best. 

Brown’s mother played collegiate tennis at America University in Washington. The Minnesota native gained a true desire to play tennis when she was 14, where she trained as a junior player in Atlanta with her former coach Ernie Peterson.

Brown played with consistency during the 2009-2010 season and finished with the best record for the Florida A&M women’s tennis team.

She was 4-0 in singles competitions against Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference opponents and she had an overall record of 12-3 for the season. Following a similar trend, Brown finished in doubles competition with a 4-0 record in the MEAC, and an overall record of 5-0.

Brown said her consistency on the court comes from her ability to adapt her entire game to the competition during match play.

“I have the mentality of I can’t lose and I have to win basically,” she said. “If I get beat by my competition in the first set, the second and third set I am able to change my game style and attack defeating them.”

Even though Brown feels like she and the FAMU tennis team are close to capturing a MEAC title, no matter the final results, she is willing to leave every ounce of her energy and effort out on the tennis court.

“It starts with us having positive attitudes approaching every match,” said Brown. “Regardless of the outcome I want us to leave it all on the court as if every game was our last. When we’re all going hard, 100 percent, that’s all that matters; because that usually spells success.”

Women’s tennis head coach “Nikki” Goldthreate said Brown has evolved as a player through learning how to be patient.

“Alexis is a very patient and consistent player,” Goldthreate said. 

“She is always trying to find a resolution to her game depending on the person she is playing. She’s good at adapting to her competition and this has been a consistent trait Brown has displayed every since her freshman year.”

Goldthreate said Brown’s work ethic has allowed her to maintain her consistency when competing against opponents.

“She comes to practice and is ready to work everyday especially, with her fitness,” Goldthreate added. “One of her strengths is coming out trying to get better conditioned, because she is a player that likes to stay out there all day three or four hours and it is fine with her.”

Senior tennis player Latreece Olagbegi said Brown is important to the team and she makes her teammates feel positive about their overall play.

“She’s very influential on our team and her positive attitude towards winning is very contagious,” Olagbegi said.  “She just has a drive to win, so I don’t mind counting on her because you know want you are going to get from Alexis.”