Alum delivers upbeat message in new book

Alumna Tracy Nicole Prather is coming back to Florida A&M to share her love of writing and to promote her first book “Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?”

Prather will be at the FAMU bookstore the week of homecoming, Oct. 29, for a book signing. Prather graduated from FAMU in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy.

In addition to occupational therapy, she has a passion for fashion and writing.

“In college I was always the go to girl for fashion and I loved occupational therapy,” said Prather.

After college, Prather, an Atlanta native, married and moved to Los Angeles. After moving, she was exposed to a group of people who she said “were following their dreams.”

She immediately began to think about her own dreams and goals. She planned at first to open a boutique, which she did and simultaneously started writing short stories.

Prather later divorced and moved backed to Atlanta and opened the Tracey Nicole boutique. The boutique is not only recognized for fashion but also for its community service.

She serves as a board member of All Grown Up Inc., a mentoring program for teenage girls in metro Atlanta.

She also served as a panelist of the first Young Women’s Leadership Conference for Essence Magazine in Atlanta. She was also the keynote speaker at the 11th Annual Call to Womanhood Conference.

Prather has always had a passion for her community. Prather was listed in the 2007-2008 Honor’s Edition of Cambridge Who’s Who for empowering Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs Around the Globe.

“I have been mentoring young girls for years and after having two girls of my own I wanted to write a story that could have an impact on their lives,” said Prather.

“I wrote this book not only for entertainment but to send a positive message of self- love and self-esteem.”

This book is for all ages, college students, single mothers, and married women. She wrote this book for young women who wonder if real love even exists and who are unsure about themselves and have low self-esteem.

“The most important lesson to be gleaned from this book is to know your self value and as a woman, to never settle for less than you deserve in this life,” said Prather.

“Always be true to yourself. Know that your past does not define your past.”