NFL rookie quarterbacks are struggling to determine their roles


Fourteen quarterbacks were selected in the 2010 NFL draft, two went in the first round, but no one has become the distinct leader of his respective franchise nearly midway through the season.

Many players were selected in the draft, and some signed as free agents.  Despite being in various situations, the wins for rookie quarterbacks in the NFL are hard to find.

Sam Bradford, the first pick in the draft, was selected by the St. Louis Rams to turn a dismal 1-15 team a season ago into instant contenders. Contrary to what the franchise was looking for, Bradford is not it.

Throwing eight interceptions and only six touchdowns with a 2-3 record is not what an organization would want to see out of a player it invested $50 million guaranteed in.

The Denver Broncos selected Tim Tebow, the other first round draft pick, and skeptics have questioned his ability to play quarterback in the NFL.  So far, he has proven all the critics right.

The only game Tebow has played in was the Broncos’ season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars in which he garnered two yards on two rushing attempts. 

The Carolina Panthers, in a league where the passing game has dominated throughout the decade, drafted the best passer of all the rookie quarterbacks in Jimmy Clausen.

Clausen, a stellar athlete out of Notre Dame, was predicted to go as high as number four in the draft to the Washington Redskins. He dropped to the 48th pick and signed for far less than he originally expected.

He was the starting quarterback for the Panthers against the Bears last Sunday, despite being signed as a backup initially.

Like his fellow rookie quarterbacks, Clausen did not make the most of his opportunities. He passed for 61 yards and an interception in the Panthers’ loss.

There is a bright spot in this rookie class however. Undrafted out of BYU, Max Hall has shown potential and sheer determination.

Hall guided the Arizona Cardinals to a 30-20 upset over the New Orleans Saints in his first career start; and his team is sitting atop the NFC West at 3-2.

The Cleveland Browns are searching for answers in every position, and they are taking a risk by playing their rookie quarterback, Colt McCoy.

He is the all-time winning quarterback at the University of Texas history and now he is asked to step in for injured quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace.

Both quarterbacks sustained ankle injuries that opened the door for McCoy to showcase his talent. McCoy is not known for a strong arm, but he will compete and possibly have the highest win percentage of all drafted quarterbacks.

Things must change quickly for these playmakers. Desperately needing a win, if they are not lucky to get one this weekend, the only rookie quarterbacks that will be mentioned in discussions are Ryan Mallet, Andrew Luck, and Jake Locker next season.