VP Candidate Cherise Peters speaks to students


      On Monday, Cherise Peters, candidate for the position of vice president of the Department of Student Affairs spoke to students in a formal question and answer session in Lee Hall Auditorium. She addressed the many concerns of the students and gave her opinion on the state of FAMU and the changes she would make if given this position.

“I plan on separating service from process,” said Peters. “That’s the first step to a transformation.” 

      Separating service from process is not Peters only goal. The vice president of student affairs position is very complex. They are the head of the Financial Aid office, Registrar’s Office, Campus Recreation Center and a myriad of other departments on campus that directly affect the student body.

Peters said she plans on applying the same instruction she has given at Georgia State Universitywhere she serves as the assistant vice president of enrollment services and university registrar to turn this department around.

“It took a lot of work. I had to change people’s mindsets in order to get work done for the students,” said Peters. “But now it’s 100 times better.” 

      With her experience at Georgia State and other institutions, Peters believes she is fit for the job but does not deem herself deserving of it.

“I don’t go off of who deserves the position,” said Peters. “It’s about who would be best for this position and who’s willing to work the hardest.”

She brought Georgia State’s police force from 75 officers to 300. Peters improved their financial aid system by getting refund checks out to the students in the first week of classes instead of months into the semester. She said she did this through listening to the students and parents.

“I want the students to know that this is their institution,” said Peters. “I do not want them to settle for less, so I give my best.”

      Stanley Hardy, a second year business administration student from Miami said that she would be a capable candidate for the position.

“She seemed very comfortable with the students and has a lot of valuable experience that FAMU needs right now,” said Hardy.

Hardy was impressed with her resume which she willingly offered to the students and her openness.

                   “Not many administrators would be so forthcoming with their personal information,” said Hardy. “This makes me feel that she would continue this transparency if given the position.”  

      She stressed the importance of truth and keeping the students in the forefront during her work.

“I challenge my staff everyday to work to improve the condition of the students, not the position of themselves,” said Peters. 

Peters said goal at FAMU is to, “continue the legacy and passion at your university but to next accept anything below excellence from their next vice president of student affairs or any other administrator.”