Traffic light cameras set up around the city


As of Monday Sept. 27, cameras are monitoring the westbound approach of Tennessee St. and the northbound approach of Ocala Road. An additional camera is expected to be installed on Tennessee’s eastbound approach in October. According to Tallahassee’s website, this intersection has the most accidents in Tallahassee with 93 in 2008 and 95 in 2009. During a 16 hour trial period, 197 potential violations were reported by the cameras. 

                  “I think every precaution should be taken because people aren’t making good decisions so maybe this will help,” said Kesha Dudley, second year pre-dentistry major from Tampa.

                  “People run red lights in Tallahassee all the time because there are no cameras. Hopefully they will stop now,” said Ashley Carter, third year broadcast journalism student from Orlando.

According to Allen Secreast, traffic mobility manager for the city of Tallahassee, the idea to install the cameras came in the summer of 2009.

The city’s Red Light Camera Safety Program had a one-month warning period in July at the intersection of Tennessee St. and Monroe St. and by Aug. 1, 570 violations were documented. All violators were sent a warning in the mail. This intersection is also scheduled to receive cameras sometime in the near future. Now the violations they are mailing out are actual violations and not warning

Secreast has a statement for violators of these traffic cameras, “The fine associated with a red light camera Notice of Violation is a $158 civil penalty,” said Secreast. But make sure you pay those fines promptly; if the fine is not paid within 30 days, the violation escalates to a Uniform Traffic Citation and the fine will be $271.