The election: A Democratic point of view

With roughly three weeks left until the midterm election, the stakes have never been higher in Florida.  This is especially true for Democrats.

With an all-star line-up, Florida Democrats are poised to take a U.S. Senate seat, the governor’s mansion, every cabinet post and a host of congressional seats.

At the top of the ticket is a FAMU alumnus. Kendrick Meek fended off a tough primary battle and has shown remarkable grace and tenacity since he first declared his candidacy almost two years ago,  whether he was making history by collecting thousands of petitions to qualify for the ballot or beating out a last-minute ‘democratic’ challenger in late August. Meek has been counted out, but never knocked out.  With absentee ballots already in the hands of voters and early voting looming, Democrats need to stand with Kendrick Meek, just as he has stood with us.  Be it the stimulus package, health care reform or Wall Street reform, Meek has been consistent and committed to our core fundamental principles.  We need to return the favor, plain and simple.

On the state level, the choice is clear: Alex Sink must be our next governor.  Anyone who witnessed the debate between Alex Sink and her republican challenger Rick Scott last week saw the distance between the two candidates.  Rick Scott continues to spew false claims about Sink’s record, refuses to take a stand on important issues and generally can’t be trusted.  Alex Sink could make history as our state’s first female governor.  While this would be an important milestone, it’s not the reason why Sink is running for governor.   She’s running because she has over 25 years of business experience that will serve Florida well during these difficult economic times. Sink has been the state’s fiscal watchdog as chief financial officer, saving Floridians millions by avoiding wasteful spending. She’s always worked to ensure the needs of Florida’s most vulnerable are at the top of her agenda.  Florida needs Alex Sink’s proven record of service, plain and simple.

Democrats can also be proud of our other democratic candidates running statewide for various posts, including Dan Gelber for attorney general, Lorrane Ausley for chief financial officer and Scott Maddox for agricultural commissioner.  Each of these candidates has a wealth of experience, good temperament and first class judgment on the pressing issues facing our state.

As President of the FAMU Chapter of College Democrats, I whole heartedly stand behind these candidates and hope you will too.  We made great progress in 2008, but we can’t stop now.  None of us can afford to sit on the sidelines this time.  Please join me in working on behalf of these great candidates to ensure Florida’s best and brightest days are ahead of us.