Flag football team forming a dynasty

Florida A&M’s flag football team Simply Marvelous, the team that started off as underdogs, is now considered runaway favorites in nearly every competition.

With four national championships, the underdogs are now a dynasty.

The four-time national championship flag football team is working hard to bring another championship to Florida A&M.

“The girls are really ready to expose some competition and compete for more titles,” Tony Brewington said.

Brewington, the director of intramural activities, believes this team is the best of any women’s team.

Competing in the Tallahassee Men’s League, these ladies are playing to become the best of the best. Championship- caliber teams play in the men’s league, and Simply Marvelous has already won a game against the men.

Competition against men gives the ladies an opportunity to compete and have an advantage when playing other women.

“Keeping the team focused and on track is my responsibility,” senior running back April Roberts said.

Roberts is the captain of the squad and the team’s unquestioned leader.

“Youth and energy is the catalyst for this team,” senior captain Ashley Livingston said.

Livingston said the team took steps forward with the new additions to the team. The team added five new players that can instantly contribute to an already superior team.

Fundamental skills and superior athleticism set the team apart from most. Assistant coach Jimmy Witherspoon said it takes more than athleticism to be elite.

“We have to remember the process it took to become on the elite level,” Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon said with the help of the freshman the team could go to the next level this year.

“Practice and unity will get us to the top,” Livingston added.

Practicing hard everyday, the team has embraced the recognition it has received and is ready to add more national titles.

“We practice to get on one accord,”  Roberts said.

The coaching staff, led by Marvin Green, is another reason the team is ready to excel to the next level.

“We know what it takes to be great,” Witherspoon said.

October 22 the swamp bowl will separate the best of the best. Simply Marvelous has newly found fuel in a quest to become the best.  

Always taking steps ahead and never backward, another national title awaits in October.