FAMU brings “United Force” to campus through collegiate ministry


There were about twenty people that attended the Friday night United Force Bible Study in B.L Perry. United Force Bible study is a college ministry that is a part of Commissioned 2 Love Church.

“It’s not about the numbers, it’s about a personal relationship with God,” said Ceteria Polite, an English education student.

The college ministry has been active at FAMU for the past three semesters and every semester there has been a different theme. This semester’s theme is “United Force”, in hopes that people will form a stronger union with God.

United Force Bible study is open to everyone, with no limitations to just the student body at FAMU.  The church decided to hold the meetings on campus because of the convenience.

Sylvia Prevalus, a senior math education student was the speaker at Friday’s Bible study. The question of the night was “Can force be forced?” upon which Prevalus elaborated on by presenting material that relate to issues experienced in everyday life. In an effort to keep it light and fun, Prevalus performed brief skits to break the message down for those who she felt hadn’t experienced the full “word”.

“I feel in love with the love of the church and the real love with God,” said Polite.

United Force is the only Bible study group located on campus. The college ministry hopes to eventually expand to Florida State University.  Last Friday was the third Bible study session of the semester and they will not be having a meeting this Friday, Oct.8. The meetings are scheduled to continue on the following Friday, Oct. 15