Intramurals help provide positive game experience

Whether it is just to have fun or to prove someone wrong about playing ability, Florida A&M’s intramural sports leagues provide students with a life that goes beyond the books.

The intramural sports programs were started to give the students something to look forward to when all the tests and other college related work is done.

The Hansel E. Tookes Recreational Center has intramural sports for all current graduate and undergraduate students. Sports vary from football and basketball to dodge ball.

“Students usually come out here to compete at a high level of fun,” activities director Tony Brewington said. Brewington also noted that the intramural leagues provide students with opportunities they can’t get from being a normal college athlete.

Students can compete without the hassles of a coach or any other collegiate official telling them what is expected of them in order to play.

The intramural leagues allow students to win honors such as offensive and defensive player of the week.

With those honors the students receive a free meal from the Campus Café as well as a free hair appointment at the on campus hair salon, The Rattlers Edge.

The purpose for the intramural league for some students is to prove they’re the best in any level of competition.

“No one can guard me out here because this is more than just fun, its business,” 20-year-old Darryl Robinson said.

Robinson, a third year biology student from Apopka, who plans to walk onto the football team, said the intramural league is a way to see where his game needs work so he can become a better ball player.

Jimmy Witherspoon, a former student of Florida A&M, who is currently the marketing director of the recreation center feels that intramural sports can be positive for all interested students.

“This league is an outlet for all students who need to get away from the stresses of college life,” Witherspoon said.

The intramural league also opens doors for national exposure.

Florida A&M’s lady intramural football team, Simply Marvelous, has brought four national championships back to Tallahassee.

The team started on the intramural field as something to do in spare time. The team currently practices in hopes of earning more championships.

Football, the current sport being played in the intramural league, is entering its third week with the playoffs set to begin October 8th.