Words to uplift a generation

As a Queen I shine.

Like the diamonds God

planted on Africa’s back

Skin kissed by the sun

I am happy to say I’m beautiful and black.

I descend from Queen Nefertiti

So it is instinct to rule my own grounds

And always walk with a crown.

Able to move mountains

With my voice

Able to soothe storms with my kisses

And able to make Lions bashful when I smile

I have the essence of a Queen

Please excuse my ego at the moment but

I can’t help it,

Your ego would the size of the ocean

If you could fathom the greatness of the kings and queens

Who walked before us.

My king’s hearts with a burning desire that could scorch the earth twice.

When they walk you can feel the grounds shake.

When they talk you can hear the sweet gospel.

They are beautiful.As beautiful as a summer moon kissing a soft cool river

They are as rich as the soil that grew the fruits that nurtured them in the womb.

I can go on.

But at times I stand, now with a tear stained face, I look at us now.

Many of our queens have put down their crowns.

Our kings have no more than a mere spark of a once-consuming fire.

Let us restore our pride in ourselves.

No one can tell us that we can’t do anything thing

Not after what we built.

Not after what we suffered.

We now own a land that once owned us.

We must not forget that we descend from royalty.

We cannot forget the ones who ran miles and miles to freedom, on

nothing but a prayer and hope,

The ones who marched through the webs of integration.

We cannot let the ones who lost their lives fighting die in vain,

because they are more than strange fruit.

Like the kings and queens before us,

We have had our defeats but we will never be defeated.

And this is why “We Shall Overcome” be our favorite hymn.

And why we will always have a light with in us that will never go dim.

Like our ancestors, we have a beat in our hearts that makes who we are.

It follows us.

It is the reason why our kings walk with a limp,

the reason my queens walk with a twist in our hip.

We are their legacy.

Let us put on our crown once more.

Because we are royalty and we must never forget.