Former Miss FAMU Demetria Henderson on HBCU advisory board

Former Miss FAMU, Demetria Henderson, was appointed last week to the Historically Black College and University advisory board. She is the first student to be appointed to the board. Henderson will be working under President Barack Obama to help allocate funds for HBCUs.

The HBCU advisory board was established in 2002 by former president George W. Bush to help allocate funds for these universities and receive more contracts.

The board, which consists of 21 members, must provide an annual report that shows HBCU involvement in federal programs. The board works with the private sector to search for ways to improve HBCUs and their use of technology and better infrastructures.

After a long process, Henderson, 22, was overjoyed to hear the news that she received a position on the board.

“I am so happy,” said Henderson, a psychology alumna who is now a sixth grade teacher at Brownville Middle School in Miami.This made her the first Miss FAMU in history to ever be appointed to the board. Henderson was nominated by FAMU President James Ammons.  

“Miss Henderson is deserving of the honor because of her outstanding leadership ability and her commitment to education and community service,” Ammons said.

Henderson wasn’t able to attend her first visit to Washington D.C. last week because she learned she was selected after the first meeting. The board will meet via phone and in person.

“I am really looking forward to representing FAMU and learning news way to bring in funds for all HBCUs,” Henderson said.

Henderson is preparing to balance her schedule as a teacher and a member on the board.

“From her experiences and leadership roles, she can add insight on how the board can better serve HBCU’s,” Ammons said.

She will make monthly trips to Washington D. C. for meetings.

“I want to have an impact on my university and this is only the beginning of great things to come,” Henderson said.