FAMU executes Strategic Plan

The University Strategic Plan, proposed and approved by the Board of Trustees in December of 2009.

Eight academic degree programs are awaiting approval for implementation by the Board in December of this year. The program will offer bachelor’s degrees in information technology, master’s degrees in golf management, curriculum and instruction, sport management, health informatics, biomedical sciences and even a doctorate in sustainability sciences.

Sundra Kincey, director of program quality within the Department of Academic Affairs, is glad there will be more options for the students.

“These new programs will help increase enrollment in our master’s degree programs and help with retention as well.”

The new programs will have to pass through the Faculty Senate and then be reviewed by the Board of Trustees during its meeting this December. They will be implemented only if they are approved at all levels. 

The most popular of the new programs is sports management. Craig Flemings, a second-year accounting student from Brooklyn, N.Y. is enthusiastic about the prospective field.

“I’ve always wanted to manage a sports team and interact with professional atheletes, so this would be the perfect field for me.”

Sustainability science is an emerging field of interest and one focused student is ready for the challenge. Torrencia Bratton, a fourth year occupational therapy student from Miami is looking into making this her master’s program of choice.

“This would be an amazing transition for me,” said Bratton. “I’ve always been interested in helping to create a better society and a healthier one. I’m glad more options are being given to the student body.”