Students preview ‘The Social Network’ at Tallahassee AMC

Thursday evening at the Tallahassee Mall’s AMC Theatre, eager Florida A&M students crowded the AMC lobby to see “The Social Network.” The movie is about Mark Zuckerberg, a computer savvy college student and his journey to creating the social network Facebook.

Although the movie began at 7 p.m., students began arriving at 5 p.m. with free movie passes in hand. The Sony account team promoted before the movie started, getting the audience excited to see the film by giving out “Social Network” T-shirts, back packs, posters and mouse pads.

Although there were limited movie passes given out, the event was open to the public. Both FAMU and Florida State students were present enjoying the event and the give-a-ways. Theola Williams 22, a third year nursing student from Fort Lauderdale felt that the event was a great way to create publicity for the film and that the turnout was a great success.

“It was a very smart idea… everyone is on Facebook and Twitter talking about how good the movie was,” Williams said. “It was a great advertisement for the movie… it was cool that they had this for us college students.”

Ashley Williams, a fourth year public relations student from Dallas, Texas, recommends the movie to all students.

“It was a very good movie actually, and better than I expected,” said Ashley Williams a fourth year public relations student from Dallas, TX. “I like the angle on it, and it went deeper than I thought it would. There should be more events like this. It gives students a chance it get involved and socialize.”

The movie left audiences excited to tell friends to see “The Social Network, which opens in theaters today.