Fall election results


And the winners are…

For Freshman Class Senator: Natalie Amore (620 Votes), Maurice E. Jackson (526 Votes), Marquise D.D. McMiller (475 Votes), Ariana Williams (470 Votes), Gabrielle Hitchens (463 Votes), Renee Mowatt (460 Votes), Joshua J.J. Smith (444 Votes), and Harvey Cecil Spear (416 Votes).

For Freshman Attendent: Run-Off Between Nicole Bowden (347 Votes) and Camile Baker (221 Votes)

For Freshman Class President and Vice President: Run-Off Between Brittney Somerville/Alfred Henderson (470 Votes) and Jonathan Moses/Jonathan Thomas (395)

For Graduate Senator: Donnya Banks (254 Votes), Angel S. Forde (116 Votes), and Apolonia Villanueva (107 Votes)

For Graduate Attendant: Erica Lewis (201 Votes)

For Graduate President and Vice President: Scott A. Spencer/ Jacquelynn Jordan (232 Votes)