Eye on the Tigers (Atlanta Classic): Live blog

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The Atlanta Football Classic will begin in approximately 30 minutes.  FAMU and Tennessee State fans are filing into the Georgia Dome to witness the 17th meeting between these two programs.  Stay tuned for live updates, commentary and analysis of this year’s installment of the Classic.


The Rattlers (2-1 overall) have defeated the Tigers (1-2 overall) in eight consecutive games.  Tennessee State has not beaten FAMU since 2001.  Kickoff is about 10 minutes away and there is far more “orange and green” in the building than “blue and white.”  Let’s go Rattlers!


Tennessee State is on a two-game losing streak and lost to Austin Peay last Saturday 26-23.  The Rattlers have won their last two games after losing to Miami in the season opener.  FAMU defeated Howard University 50-7 last week.


The Tigers will receive the ball in the first half, kickoff is underway!


Tennessee State’s Preston Brown just scored the first touchdown of the game.  He ran the ball right up the middle of the Rattler’s defense and dashed into the end zone untouched.  It was the Tiger’s second play from scrimmage.

(6-0 TSU)


The Rattlers’ offense is taking the field for its first series of the game.  Quarterback Martin Ukpai barely missed a wide open Isaac West and the Rattlers are now forced to punt.


Preston Brown is causing problems for the Rattlers’ defense.  The Rattlers need to wrap him up and stop trying to arm tackle.  He’s running all over the place.


The Tigers just scored their second touchdown of the evening.  Quarterback Jeremy Perry hooked up with wide receiver Joseph Hills on a 15-yard pass.

(13-0 TSU) 


The Rattlers are forced to punt for the second consecutive series.  FAMU is struggling to move the ball, while TSU is moving up and down the field at will.  It’s still early, but the Rattlers need to show some consistency on offense.

(13-0 TSU, 6:44 1st)


FOOTBALL 101: Establish the run.  The Tigers were able to get their ground game going early, and now they are exposing the Rattlers in the passing game. Hopefully the Rattlers won’t get beat downfield.

(13-0 TSU, 3:45 1st)


The Rattlers are forced to punt again.  It might be a long game if this continues.  It seems like the Rattlers defense has been on the field the entire game.

(13-0 TSU, 1:20 1st)


The Tigers have looked sharp in all facets of the game. Preston Brown is still running like a mad man and their defense has kept the Rattlers in check throughout the game.

(13-0 TSU, 9:30 2nd)


The Tigers just extended their lead with a field goal.  The Rattlers have yet to put any points on the board. 

(16-0 TSU, 8:36 2nd)


The Tigers are in the red zone and will be forced to attempt a field goal after a critical Rattlers stop on defense. TSU kicker Jamin Godfrey just drilled a 32-yard field goal.

(19-0 TSU, 1:29 2nd)


The Rattlers are in a hurry-up offense and they’re trying to put some points up before the half.  Running back Eddie Rocker just picked up a first down on a 16-yard run.

(19-0 TSU, 0:45 2nd)


The Rattlers are finally in the red zone, a huge pass interference penalty just gave the Rattlers a little extra life.  Touchdown Rattlers! Lavante Page scored on a two-yard run.

(19-6 TSU, 0:14 2nd)


The Tigers took a knee to close the first half.  The battle of the bands is about to begin.  This might get crazy!

(19-6 TSU, HALF)


We’re back to game action after two great performances by each band.  I think we all know which band was greater though.

(19-6 TSU, start of 3rd) 


The Tigers missed an extra point attempt.  The Rattlers still have a shot in this, there’s plenty of time left in the game.

(19-6 TSU, 9:19 3rd)


The Rattlers have converted one third down the entire game and they’re forced to punt again.

(19-6 TSU, 6:40 3rd)


TSU continues to rack up return yards.  They will start their drive on the Rattlers’ 26-yard line a 35-yard punt return.

(19-6 TSU, 2:32 3rd)


Godfrey just made a 37-yard field goal for TSU late in the third quarter.

(22-6 TSU, end of 3rd)


Martin Ukpai was picked off by TSU’s David VanDyke.  

(22-6, 14:00 4th)


Dante’ Thomas may have put this game out of reach with a three-yard touchdown run.

(29-6, 12:38 4th)


Touchdown Rattlers!  Page just dove into the end zone for the Rattlers’ second touchdown of the game.

(29-12, 4th)


TSU’s Brown has set an Atlanta Classic record for rushing yards in a game.  He has 231 yards on the ground and he still might get touches late in the game.

(29-12, 8:20 4th)


Ukpai picked up a first down after a 15-yard run.  The final seconds are ticking away and fans are heading toward the exits.  

(29-12 TSU, 1:30 4th)


The Rattlers scored again as the time expired on the clock. The Tigers win their first Atlanta Classic in nine previous attempts.  The Rattlers will face South Carolina State Saturday in FAMU’s home opener.

(29-18 FINAL)