Parking amnesty period comes to an end

It’s now open season for parking tickets on Florida A&’M’s campus as the unofficial grace period has ended. Students must avoid a number of violations to keep them from paying a hefty ticket including parking in a service area to obstructing traffic, both $25 fines.

The Parking and Traffic Regulations handbook has over 20 pages of information that students must abide by to stay in compliance with campus parking rules.

The handbook states that unauthorized parking in restricted areas are subject to immediate tow and the lack of available parking space does not exempt violators from penalties. This in particular has some students concerned.

“There is not ample parking for students or teachers,” said Keith Oliver, senior. “The parking that is available has some sort of restriction on it. I’ve received at least four parking tickets since I’ve been here. There needs to be something done that addresses the growing number of students.”

Other students don’t seem to feel any parking pressure.

“I’ve had no trouble parking, sometimes you have to get to the parking lot early but I haven’t gotten any tickets, ” said Anthony Scott, 21.

Assistant Director of Parking Services, John M. Kirby, agrees that timing is everything when it comes to parking on campus.

” As a student, we all know we need to manage our time,” said Kirby. “Also, when we come to campus we need to come early to find available parking space. May not be in proximity to your class, but it’s nearby.”

Kirby also said increased enrollment has not effected the number of registered vehicles. 4,872 are currently in the system (including Orlando’s campus) and is normal compared to last year.

Students can register vehicles online under their iRattler account or the Division of Student Affairs.