Pharmacy building construction underway

Phase II of the Pharmacy Building, a 65,000 square feet structure will cost more than $ 30 million.

This semester, rattlers have seen several buildings on campus revamped and constructed, such as Tucker and Jones Halls.  As construction begins on another educational building, students are excited for the benefits.

“I’m greatly appreciative that the new pharmacy building is beginning,” said third-year pharmacy student, Angennika Lattery from Jacksonville. “I vouch that all pharmacy majors feel comfortable and are completely comfortable with the new environment that was born on our campus which is this building.”

The pharmacy program boasted 1,060 doctors of pharmacy candidate last Fall, produces over 20 percent of the nations black pharmacists and is ranked third in the nation for research and funding.

Faculty members are just as eager about the new addition.

“As a member of the faculty of the college of pharmacy,” Maurice Holder, professor, faculty senate and Board of Trustees member said, “I feel rather elated that we have come to a point now that we can move our building space that we can become even more adequate.”

“As a teacher, our students have been denied a long time the open space of the teaching labs and areas that can help in their intellectual development.”

The groundbreaking ceremony was well-attended, included Governor Charlie Crist, state university system Chancellor Frank Bogan, President James Ammons, Provost Cynthia Hughes-Harris, Dean of Pharmacy Henry Lewis and several other dignitaries.

“I think this was a marvelous day in the history of FAMU,” said Holder.