CLC ranks FAMU No. 1 for third year in a row

For the third year in a row, the Collegiate License Company has ranked FAMU No.1 in sales of HBCU merchandise.

The CLC, one of the nation’s leading collegiate trademark, licensing and marketing companies, bases its rankings on the total sales in one fiscal year. This includes online and in store sales. According to the CLC, FAMU’s sales have increased by 25 percent in the last fiscal year.  Two of the top contributing factors to this increase are the Victoria’s Secret collegiate campaign, which started October of 2008, and the annual Homecoming sales.

This increase in merchandising shows how Rattlers, both on campus and around the world, are more eager to showcase their Rattler pride.  And with the continual purchase of school paraphernalia we have kept our spot in the CLC’s rankings.

Unfortunately, this reign could diminish due to the sale of unlicensed merchandise. Although most of the unlicensed merchandise is slightly cheaper, it doesn’t benefit the school. Amazingly, the CLC has said that FAMU and law enforcement have been excellent about apprehending and stopping the enterprise of bootleg FAMU products.

The profit from the licensed selling of FAMU’s merchandise contributes a portion of the funds for the school’s athletic scholarships.  FAMU now receives 10 percent of the sales revenue, an increase compared to 2009 when it received 7.5 percent.

Looking at it now, the purchasing and showcasing of orange and green does more than just fill up our closets, adorn our vehicles and add to our homes. We buy shirts and flags and think that this is contributing more to us than anyone or anything else. But that is far from reality. In fact, it is something that adds to the functionality of campus and student life that FAMU so greatly upholds.