FAMU Credit Union suspect apprehended


On Monday at 9:45 a.m., the FAMU Credit Union on the corner of 1610 South Monroe St. was robbed.

Fredrick Colson, 34, is in custody of the Tallahassee Police Department, where he is charged with the robbery.

“How can we be sure this won’t happen again,” said India Glover, 19, a second year biological agricultural systems engineering student, from Jacksonville. “I have friends who bank at the FAMU credit union and at this moment in time they’re not sure if their money is actually secure there. I believe at any bank or credit union security should be at the top of their game, no one should get away with the crime of stealing at another person’s expense. So hopefully this won‘t happen again.”

The Tallahassee Democrat reported Monday that according to Tallahassee Police Department spokesman David McCranie, a man (Colson) entered the credit union and demanded money from the teller. The teller then followed the man’s orders and he fled away, even though the cash was undisclosed.

The customers inside the credit union were unharmed.

There is no evidence that proves the suspect had a weapon in his possession. The suspect fled on foot, which made it easier for the officials to track him down.

A credit union employee, who was on break, saw the alleged suspect run away.

The suspect was apprehended by FAMU Police Department Monday afternoon near Melvin and Palmer streets due to the detailed description received from the employee. Colson is in jail with no bail as of now.

“I’m glad that they caught the bad guy cause in many cases they don’t,” said Ariel Boone, 21, a third year healthcare management, from Clearwater. “It makes you wonder though how he got away so smooth. Was there no security guard on duty? Did the teller not make a signal that she was being robbed? I just hope that another robbery doesn’t occur because the credit union is not that far from campus.”