FAMU safety on the rise


Every year at Florida A&M, the concerns of campus security are addressed by the FAMU Department of Public Safety. This year’s crime analysis shows a decrease in crimes over the past three years. 

Crimes such as forcible rape have gone from two incidents in 2007 to six in 2008. There were a reported five cases in 2009.  Reported robberies have decreased from 18 incidents in 2008 to only seven robberies in 2009.  No aggravated assaults were reported in 2007, but six were in 2008 and three in 2009.  

Numbers remain high for burglary incidents in the past three years. There were 32 incidents reported in 2007 which jumped to 41 in 2008. The number decreased 2009 with 33 reported incidents.

Drug Law Violations decreased by five arrests from 2008 to 2009. There were 39 arrests in 2008 and 34 in 2009. 

Weapons violations decreased tremendously with 20 arrests in 2008 to only three in 2009. 

Sgt. Sherri Luke, the head officer for FAMU campus safety, was not available for comment. 

According to the Crime Statistics Web site on www.famu.edu, “The FAMU DPS employs professional police officers that are trained and certified in accordance with Florida Statutes 943 through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.”

There are orientations throughout the year that provide students and parents with information on police services, property safety and other safety by the members of the FAMU DPS.

Students are strongly encouraged to stay in lighted areas on campus.   Avoid working late at night or on weekends in labs and offices without accompaniment by another. Never prop open doors and to never lend residence hall keys out to anyone.

Danelly Arroyo, 18, a first-year nursing student from Miami said, “I keep a legal Taser and mace with me at all times.  I live in McGuinn, and there is always some creepy looking people outside of my dorm that do not have any business being on campus.”

In Florida, residents can have certain pepper sprays and stun guns to be  either “carried in the ‘open’ or ‘concealed,'” according to www.nonlethaldefense.com. 

For more information on campus safety services, contact FAMU PD 599-3256. 

For info-graphics on crime statistics and information  visit www.famu.edu/PublicSafety/FAMU_Police_Annual_Report_2010-2011. pdf.