Tobacco leaf burglarized

(Famuan)Tobacco leaf was burglarized for their tobacco products at 4 a.m., on Sept. 15, 2010. Tobacco Leaf is located at 2550A West Pensacola St.   

According to the Incident Report from Tallahassee Police Department, there were no witnesses at the time of the theft. “I arrived on scene and immediately saw that the front door of the business was smashed with glass on the ground,” said officer Derek Braxton.

“The business was located in a fairly dark area that is accessible from Dixie Drive and Escambia in the rear, as well as West Pensacola Street in the front.”

The burglar broke the front glass window with a cinder block in order to enter the building, according to officer Braxton.

“The perpetrator stole most of our Marlboro cigarette cartons,” said Lauren Rubin, assistant manager, a 21 year-old student at Tallahassee Community College.

“Evidence was collected from the surveillance camera that showed that the perpetrator brought in a big garbage can and began to fill it with cigarettes products, hand pipes and then kicked down a glass shelf.”

According to Rubin, the burglary was done within two to three minutes, before the police officers arrived on the scene. Black and Milds, 305’s, Winstons, Kools, Dutch Masters and water pipes were just a few of the things that were stolen.


“The perpetrator did not wear gloves or a mask,” Rubin said. “The police officer came in and dusted for fingerprints and the police officers believe that they have obtained the perpetrator fingerprints.”


Tobacco Leaf has taken an extra measure to protect their tobacco products by replacing the glass door with another glass door with a metal film in between the glass, according to Rubin.


“The estimate cost for damages and products is no more than $ 3,000,” Rubin said. “Mostly the estimate cost comes from cigarette products, because the tobacco products are expensive.”

According to Rubin, Tobacco Leaf’s business and customers are not affected by the burglary.


“It’s an unfortunate incident, but fortunately the burglar did not obtain any money, because the register door was empty,” said Rachael Green, an employee of Tobacco Leaf. ”   


The investigation into the theft is ongoing. There has been no arrest made nor have any suspects been identified, according to Tallahassee Police Department Incident Report.

The burglar can be scene on the video footage, but is unclear to see if the burglar was a black or white male. On the video footage, the burglar was wearing a white t-shirt, light blue jeans and white shoes, according to officer Braxton.