Sports shows are lacking entertainment

You ever sit back and watch some of redundant broadcasting that goes on with today’s sports shows? 

While the ultimate goal of these shows is to relay information to the dedicated sports fan, the reason they are on television is to entertain those that are watching.

Creativity is what separates the shows that get cancelled from shows with multiple seasons under their belt. The highest rated shows on ESPN today are shows that put a twist on their news delivery. 

Around the horn, is the lone game show that comes on ESPN. 

The show incorporates a point system, accurate information from a group of experienced panelist, a host, Toni Reali who lives up to his nickname “stat boy”, and my personal favorite, the all-powerful mute button.

Sports Nation uses interaction with the public to enhance the viewer’s experience. Things like constant twitter updates on camera, Internet polls, and call-ins with question keep viewers entertained and involved in the shows outcome. 

PTI is a fast past show that incorporate a plethora of topics in a short amount of time. The show stars well-respected columnist Michael Wilbon and his controversial swingman in Tony Kornheiser.

The back and forth bickering of the two in brief spurts keeps audiences entertained as the jump from opinions to their mailbag and analyze the people’s concerns.

These shows present many different looks, yet provide the same information as the prototypical sources of sports news.

To all people who have aspirations of becoming better at your craft, in sports reporting, look at these shows for something different. They offer you opinions, stats, and views from a third dimension that you can’t get from SportsCenter.