Search for VP of student affairs nears a close

Candidates have been narrowed in the search for the new vice president of student affairs.

“Our charge was to be able to give the president three names that we would give and bring to the campus and interview,” said William E. Hudson,Sr., Ph.D. CRC. “We narrowed the list from 80 to three.”

   The three candidates under review are Henry Kirby, acting dean of student life; Timothy Beard, vice president of student development and enrollment at Pasco Community College; and Cherise Peters, associate vice president of enrollment services at Georgia State University.

    The next phase in the candidate search process will be getting in contact with the president’s office and finding out the best dates to interview the candidates.

Approval for interview schedules will go out to the committee Sept. 16. The search process is expected to be completed by the end of October.

A student forum will be held where each candidate will be asked the same questions. Questions from students will be selected prior to the forum through submitted note cards.

Student body vice president, Breyon Love, will be one of the interviewers. He will play an intricate role in the interviews.

Before arriving on campus, candidates must go through certain protocols.

Hudson said they have to do a background check of the candidates prior to coming to campus.

A proposal has been made for the interview process to be conducted in one week beginning on a Sunday. Luther Wells, chair of the department of visual arts, humanities and theatre gave a summary of the proposed interview schedule beginning with an interview with the search committee on the first day.

 “Day two starts with a breakfast and check out of the hotel and a tour of the campus.” Wells said. “Later on they will meet with the student body and faculty and staff.”

  Visits with CEDAR counseling services and FAMU police parking will be added to the tour schedule.

  A meeting with the candidates and the provost will be held and limited to just the university leadership team.  Dissemination of information about the candidate search will be distributed throughout FAMU.

“As soon as we get the schedule solidified, there will be a press release in the Famuan, FAMU Info, messaging boards, Twitter and other things of that sort,” said Love.