Philadelphia Eagles need Vick’s talent

The Philadelphia Eagles’ decision to let Kevin Kolb replace Donavan McNabb was the hot topic during this year’s NFC East off-season. However, after a brutal first half that ended in a concussion and a game that saw Michael Vick show the form that made him a 3 time Pro-Bowler, Kolb’s future as the starter is now in jeopardy.

Personally, I would have no problems with the change. Although Kolb was the next in line to take McNabb’s place, Vick’s resume proves that he may be a better option.

Chalk Kolb’s pedestrian effort in the first half up to inexperience if you wish, but the fact remains that in the same amount of time Vick threw for 175 yards and rushed for 103 more. He became only the third quarterback in NFL history to rush for over 4,000 yards. He took a 13-3 beating and turned it into a 27-20 football game. He brought back memories of the days where he was the most entertaining player in professional sports.

Let’s face the facts, Vick is a much more dangerous weapon to have lead your team than some dude who got lucky with two three hundred yard passing games in his first two starts. He has more experience, a stronger arm, is more mobile and just plain better.

Of course with age Vick has lost a step in his once electrifying speed. His mechanics may not be as sharp as they once were, but he was, is and probably always will be effective from the quarterback position.

The moment Andy Reid and the rest of the Eagles staff realize that they made a mistake in trading Donovan McNabb to start a nobody, the quicker they can move towards correcting it. Vick is the proper step. Maybe not long term, but at least for the sake of your season and Eagles fans everywhere: Please let Vick start.