Annual law day prepares students for success

Representatives from over 70 different law schools were in attendance during the Pre-Professional Law Program’s 20th Annual Law Day. Florida A&M students were given the opportunity to meet with potential law schools, gain valuable information, and network with recruiting administrators.

“We are looking for prospective students with well roundedness and diversity,” said Janeia R. Daniels, a representative for Florida State’s law program.

Many of the universities expressed that coming to the Florida A&M Law Day will allow them to recruit more minorities into law schools across the country.

“Variety in the students is what we are trying to promote at our university,” said Chris Pierre of the University of Michigan.

Many of the universities, such as the University of Illinois, expect a high academic potential from their prospective law students. A representative from the university, Janine Fletcher, said “we look for at least a 160/167 on students LSAT’s scores and a GPA between 3.2 and 3.9”.

Having this event each year allows students to have law schools from all over America in an accessible setting. “I am taking advantage of this opportunity,” said Montray Love, 20, a political science student from Miami. “Having my top schools such as FSU, UM, and University of Chicago all in one place is a great way for me to learn more about the programs.”

Over 250 students were projected to attend the even, yet the actual number seemed to be lacking.

“Attendance was not as great as previous years but we have had a steady stream of students coming in all day,” said Tyra Mason, program coordinator. Florida A&M students in attendance y found the Law Day very helpful and a great way to network with law schools.

“I gained basic information from the University of Pittsburg and Touro College of New York on my concentration of sports law and found it very helpful and now I know what I have to work on in the future,” Said Sham Salaam, 18, a political science student from Wilmington, Delaware.