Kashif Smiley becomes the 39th FAMU Chief Justice

Finally, the 39th Student Senate confirmed Kashif Smiley on Aug. 30 as the new Chief Justice.

According to Iman Sandifer, who is the 40th Student Senate President, the vote was 15 yes, one no and two senators obtained from voting.

For the past year and a half, the Supreme Court has been without leadership, and has not met quorum. During this time period, all cases that would have been heard by the Supreme Court have been ruled on by Dean of Students Henry Kirby. The last trial conducted by the Supreme Court was in spring 2008.

 “I was excited for the student body, for FAMU now has full representation in Student Government Association,” said Student Body President and University Trustee Gallop Franklin. “Last year and a half the Judicial Branch hasn’t had leadership, and it is imperative that SGA has three functional branches.”

Franklin appointed Smiley to the court in Sept. 2009. Smiley failed to gain the recommendation from the Election & Appointment Committee to go before the student senate twice before the senate confirmed him.  The total process took six months for Smiley to be installed as the new justice of the Supreme Court. In Feb. Smiley received the nomination from Franklin for the chief justice position.

According to Smiley, he plans on bringing many new ideas to the judicial branch. The parking situation around campus is a big issue that he plans to improve.

“I expect Smiley to be effective and stern and continue on the path laid out for him,” said Christopher Preston, associate justice.

Smiley plans to have Traffic Jam twice this year to inform students about their rights when dealing with traffic violations, parking tickets and to meet the traffic court. Another new program Smiley plans to start is called “Know Your Rights Forum.” The forum will have a panel comprised of justices and university officials and will discuss the rights of FAMU students.

Smiley graduated from the School of Business and Industry with a degree in Finance, and now is a Professional MBA candidate. Smiley is no stranger to the SGA. He served three years on the Judicial Branch as an associate justice and one year as a graduate senator in the 38th Student Senate. Smiley has also been an active member in Phi Alpha Delta, a law fraternity on campus.