Entrepreneur invents new electric hot comb

Since the age of six, Jason Ray knew he wanted to own a company overseas, and he did.

“The only way I was going to accomplish anything in life was not to be a follower,” said Ray.  

Ray recalled telling his mother his dream of being a successful international businessman.

“Little did she know I was very serious,” said Ray.

Ray is the CEO of SUNTEK Global, a company that focuses on providing for the beauty market. The entrepreneur attended FAMU Developmental Research School and FAMU High.

“In addition to the academic and leadership skills gained from attending FAMU DRS, the school’s location on FAMU’s campus had a significant impact on shaping my goals and objectives,” said Ray.

Ray said a suggestion from one of his teachers at FAMU DRS to attend a brief lecture on careers in engineering changed the course of his career.

“Engineering is now the core of what drives my company and the products we design,” said Ray.

Ray is the inventor of the EdgeStick, a professional hair styling tool that is made for all types of hair.  

The beauty tool is a double comb that can separate the strands of hair at the roots.

This allows the hair to be untangled with ease, and produces an instantly smooth appearance.

According to Ray, what sets the EdgeStick apart from other beauty hot tools is that it can get the closest to the scalp without burning the surface.  

“When the idea of creating something that can be safer for women came up, I jumped on it,” said Ray.

“I grew up in a house full of women. I saw what they went through with their hair,” said Ray, his goal to focus on his customers’ particular needs. “We really care about what we put out there.”

Ray built Suntek Global in Taiwan 10 years ago, and owns the only black company that manufactures its own electronic hot tools for the beauty industry in the country.

“I feel a greater sense of accomplishment,” said Ray. “Every disadvantage you have, you have to use your advantage.”

Ray said it took time to adjust to the country, but eventually came to appreciate the culture.

For more information about EdgeStick, visit www.originaledgestick.com.