National Juried Art Exhibition

Many associate art with the Mona Lisa or even just a splattered canvas. Art can be the ability to express movement, color, light and life through a piece of work. Foster -Tanner Fine Arts Gallery held an opening reception for their second annual Pinnacle National Juried Art Exhibition on Sept. 8.

“The whole purpose of Pinnacle was to gain some national attention, as it relates to the university,” Director of the Fine Arts Gallery Harry Wiltsher said. “We get artists from around the country to submit their work. The funds we receive from this are used as a fundraiser and therefore we are able to use the money to keep the gallery and this program running.”

Stand out pieces included “My Reflection,” “Goddess” and “Silent Cry.” The pieces not only received honorable mention, but also was a hit with many of the guests.

Beth Appleton, a graduate of Florida State University from Ocala, won first place in the competition for her piece “Eclipse.”

“I feel extremely honored to have received this award,” Appleton said. “Art for me has always been like an escape. The inspiration for ‘Eclipse’ was just not knowing how an eclipse looked. That opened up my imagination to form what everyone is seeing here today.”

Curious faces gazed the walls of art, each evoking a different theme of love, sadness, splendor and more.

“I’m not really a big art guy, and many of the pieces here look a little too abstract, but I did enjoy the piece called ‘My Reflection,’ said Avery Martin, a senior from Ft. Lauderdale. “It was captivating and I feel that it took a lot of craftsmanship. I really enjoyed myself; they should keep this going.”