Comedic college student shines on stage

Laughs, screams and Steve Urkel-style snorts rang out as 22-year-old Boafo Manu did standup comedy at a local Applebee’s last month.

Manu, a fifth year, biology student, from St. Louis, has not always considered himself as a comedian.

“Growing up, everyone always thought that I was funny, but it was later that I got into comedy,” said Manu.

“I’m inspired to do comedy by the fact that I have truly been given a gift; when God gives you a gift, you should go all the way with it.”

Manu likes to use his humor not only for stand-up, but to encourage his friends and brighten up people’s days.

“I remember a time when one of my really close friends was very sick,” Manu said.

“I cooked and invited him over to my place and after sitting around laughing and talking, he forgot about it [being sick].”

Manu began his journey as a comedian over a year ago, when a friend started performing standup and encouraged him to try it.

“It seems that I just kind of fell into it and have been doing shows ever since,” Manu said.

Although Manu is a new face to the comedy scene, he has built up a solid fan base and reputation on and off campus.

“I have seen Boafo more than a few times, and it’s like comedy you can relate to. He is naturally funny,” said Nadiyah Knight, 22, a senior political science student from Tallahassee.

Author of fiction novel “Feeders,” comedian and comedy show producer Jay Elliott hosts Tallapalooza Comedy nights.

The amateur comedy show allows up-and-coming comedians to gain exposure and kick their careers off.

“Boafo came to me to be a part of the comedy shows. Ever since then, he has become a loyal peer of mine,” said Elliott.

“I think that Boafo has a lot of potential and offers a wonderful sense of diverse humor,” said Elliott.

Manu’s humor and lovable personality seems to radiate both on and off of the stage. Manu’s younger sister, Adwoa Elmarie-Ansaah Manu, has been one of his biggest fans since childhood.

“When we were kids, Boafo would be so mean to me; but, I would always end up laughing because he would do it in such a funny way,” said 18-year-old Adwoa, a first year public relations student.

She shared a rare time when she saw a serious side of Manu at her high school graduation party.

“He told me how proud of me he was and I was shocked,” Adwoa explained.

“That moment was so special to me; it really meant a lot for him to say that.”

Along with Manu’s great comedy career, he is a licensed pharmacy technician and a member of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Inc.

After graduating from FAMU, Manu has plans of pursuing a career in pharmaceutical research and while simultaneously pursuing a professional comedy career.

When it comes to standup, Manu plans to never sit down.

Boafo Manu does parties, weddings and receptions.

For booking call (314) 503-7704 or e-mail Manu at He also has a personal website at