Step teams battle it out for BET Title


Florida A&M clubs and organizations have recently made many  national appearances in competitions.

Rampage Step team and the Kappa Delta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega will be competing in this year’s BET Stomp the Yard Homecoming show. 

The finalists will win a trip to New York to compete on Sept. 22 during 106 & Park ‘Wild Out Wednesday.’ The winning step team will receive a $5,000 American Express Gift Card.

Last year, the Ladies of Valor (Rampage Step team) won 1st place at BET’s 2009 Spring Bling step show. The Ladies of Valor and The Men of Rampage are once again contestants of this year’s BET’s Stomp the Yard Homecoming show. 

“A typical practice for rampage step team, is working hard through our precisions and routines by ongoing repetition and learning new routines while taking constructive criticism from our step master and our peers,” said Wilna Cherelus, 21, a third-year accounting student from Ft. Lauderdale.

When asked about future competitions, Cherelus commented “Rampage Step team has many competitions in store for us. Our president, Terrel Bennett, is working hard everyday finding new opportunities for our organization to grow and when the time is right it will be disclose out to the public.”

Marques Bulter, 22, a fourth-year electronics engineering technology student from Jacksonville and a member of Alpha Phi Omega, explained the team’s style. “Comprehensive. We have steps that show precision and detail. We have steps that show sheer power. We have steps that contain unique tricks that make us stand out. We also have steps that combine all of the above,” he said. “Our ability to perform in different multitudes and fashions defines our style.”

Bulter has one piece of advice to the dance troupes, step teams, and other organizations who aspire to enter into a national competition. “Go for it. Send in audition tapes to any competition accepting them. Make sure to pay attention to all the rules and have fun.”

Derrick Askins, 21, a fourth-year accounting finance student from Palm Beach, is a member of both step teams. 

“Both organizations are similar when it comes to choosing the steppers. We give everyone the opportunity, but we select the individuals who show the dedication and the drive to want to perform,” said Askins.

Both organizations are working harder than ever take home the title.