Professional tennis player celebrates birthday




Gael Sebastien Monfils, a professional French tennis player, was born Sept. 1, 1986 in Paris. He is the son of former football player “Rufin” and perhaps inherited his athletic stamina from his father.

Monfils began to place himself on the map of the rich and famous in 2002 when he played in the Dutch Junior Open, in which he came in second place. He then played in the German Junior Open and won, according to

Monfils’ skills in tennis developed quickly over just a few years and he later claimed the number two spot in the junior ranks. In 2008, he made it to his first Grand Slam semifinal and played his first Masters final that following year, as reported by

Today, Monfils lives in Nyon, Switzerland, and is just as popular for his tricks and stunts on the court, than he is his game. He has a fan base that loves him because of his free spirit on the court, according to ESPN.

Tennis professionals call him acrobatic, unbelievable and very talented, while ESPN weighs in that Monfils is special, different and a spectacular player.

Concerning tricks on the court and serious ball, how does Monfils label himself? Does he have a specific staple? Yes. In an interview with ESPN, Monfils said, “I’m more of an artist.”

Wishing you a happy birthday, here is to you Gael Monfils. May you have longevity and may your life be as strong and interesting as your game.